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Wheelchair Categories is an Authorized Medline Dealer

Models: MDS808200SLR  MDSCHAIRCASE MDS808150 MDS808200 MDS808200AB MDS808200AR MDS808210AR  MDS808210AB MDS806600N, MDS806650N, MDS806600, MDS806650, MDS806600FLA, MDS806650FLA, MDS806500N, mDS806550N, MDS806500NFLA, MDS806500, MDS806550, MDS806500FLA, MDS806550FLA, MDS806500PLUS, MDS806550PLUS, MDS806560, MDS806560FLA, MDS806560PLUS, MDS806565, MDS806570, MDS806575 MDS806100E, MDS806100NE, MDS806150E, MDS806150NE, MDS806200E, MDS806200NE, MDS806250E, MDS806250NE, MDS806300E, MDS806300NE MDS806100D, MDS806100NVY, MDS806100RBY, MDS806150D, MDS806150NVY, MDS806150RBY, MDS806200D, MDS806200NVY, MDS806200RBY, MDS806250D MDS806150NDLX, MDS806150DLX, MDS806200NDLX, MDS806200DLX, MDS806250NDLX, MDS806250DLX, MDS806300NDLX, MDS806300DLX MDS809600, MDS809650, MDS809700, MDS809750, MDS809800, MDS809850, MDS809585, MDS809500, MDS809525 MDS806900, MDS806950, MDS806400, MDS806450,MDS806700, MDS806750, MDS806700FLA, MDS806750FLA, MDS806800, MDS806850, MDS806800FLA, MDS806850FLA MDS806150N, MDS806200N, MDS806250N, MDS806250NFLA, MDS806300N, MDS806300NFLA MDS808350 MDS808450 MDS808550

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  • Medline Excel K3 Lightweight Wheelchair   Leader in the Lightweight Category  (click here)
  • Medline Excel K4 High Strength, Lightweight Wheelchair (click here)


Narrow/Pediatric    The Excel Narrow Wheelchair Is A Better Fit For Smaller Users


Extra-Wide Wheelchairs


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