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Disposable Briefs (Heavy)

ASORBS® Premium Briefs

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ASORBS® Premium Briefs Provide Superior Protection and Comfort

Super absorbent core provides superior containment and dryness.

Soft non-woven top-sheet offers added skin comfort.

Soft Polyethylene back cover protects clothes from leakage.

Wetness indicator indicates when brief needs to be changed.


See also: Protection Plus® Ultra Briefs  Protection Plus® Contour Briefs    Remedy™ Dimethicone Barrier Cream
  ReadyBath® TPC
ASORBS® is a registered Trademark of Medline Industries Inc.
Item # Description Latex-Free Top-Seller Customer Price Case Packs

Medium (32"-44")   $56.89 Case 4 Bag / Case
96 Each / Case

Regular (34"-56")   $66.19 Case 4 Bag / Case
96 Each / Case

Large (45"-58")   $58.83 Case 4 Bag / Case
72 Each / Case

X-Large (58"-63")   $66.19 Case 4 Bag / Case
72 Each / Case


Comfort-Aire Disposable Briefs

Comfort-Aire Disposable Briefs
Completely Breathable Side Panels: Because Airfow Equals Comfort
-Side panels on both the front and back of the Comfort-Aire brief are I00% breathable. Improved airflow keeps individuals comfortable and helps prevent skin irritation.                                                                          Click to view larger image

-Refastenable tape tabs with new "grab anywhere" technology allow the best possible fit and also reduce waste-caregivers can quickly check brief and refasten. Will not stick to skin or gloves.

-Soft, cloth-like outer cover is comfortable against skin; helps prevent irritation and rashes.

-Enhanced, super absorbent core; helps keep skin dry

Item # Description Latex-Free Top-Seller Customer Price Case Packs

Large 45" - 58"   $84.11 Case 120 Each / Case

Medium 32" - 44"   $69.83 Case 120 Each / Case

Regular 34" - 56"   $79.00 Case 120 Each / Case

X-Large 59" - 66"   $97.33 Case 120 Each / Case



Molicare Classic Plus Briefs

Medline Molicare Classic Plus Briefs-Great Value for Patients with Heavy Incontinence
Medline Molicare Classic Plus Briefs provide protection for patients with heavy incontinence by using an odor-neutralizing absorbent core and comfort stretch backing for maximum functionality and comfort. New anti-leak cuffs provide superior containment. Dual tapes for refastening. New high tech 3-part absorbent core for added dryness. Discreet profile design for dignity and comfort.

Item # Description Latex-Free Top-Seller Customer Price Case Packs

Small Brief, 20"-34", Blue, 30/bg, 120/cs   $67.05 Case 4 Bag / Case
120 Each / Case

Medium/LG Brief, 27"-56, White, 40/bg, 120/cs $72.37 Case 3 Bag / Case
120 Each / Case

Large/XL Brief, 43"-64", Blue, 40/bg, 120/cs $84.49 Case 3 Bag / Case
120 Each / Case

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