TUSH PUSH TP-10 (1 Motor)  $949.00   all included

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Product Description
The Tush Push is the only portable electric toilet lift made available today. 
It is also less than half the cost of most of it's competitors.  So, if you have 
lost the body strength to get up from the toilet, then our Tush Push is 
definitely the right solution for you.  This model offers up to 275 lbs of lifting capability.   
TUSH PUSH 2 TP-20 (2 Motor)  $1195.00    all included

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Product Description
The 2 motor Tush Push is available for increased lifting power. This
model offers up to 500 lbs of lifting capability.           



Product Description
Replacement Shield for the Tush Push Toilet Lift.  If your original shield has been
excessively worn or damaged, now you can purchase a new shield separately.
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