Phillips Lift Systems
Phillips Lift Systems was established because of a personal experience that inspired me to design
and develop our "Tush-Push" product.. The original idea of the powered toilet lift (Tush-Push) 
came to be because of my Grandmother who was in very bad health with terminal bone cancer. 
My Grandmother would spend her winters in Florida and the rest of the year in Indiana. In 1988   
I was told she had 6 months to live. It was Christmas and I knew she would not be able to go to 
Florida for the winter. My wife and I decided to take her on a 2-week trip to visit her friends in 
Florida and to say her good-byes. We stopped in Florida for the night to eat at Cracker Barrel
that was Grandmas favorite place to eat. Grandma went to the restroom and was gone for a long 
period of time. A lady came to our table and told us my Grandmother could not get up from the 
toilet. She didnít have enough strength in her legs. It took three people to help her up. My thoughts 
were, ďWe can put a man on the moon, but we canít get a person off the toilet.Ē So I decided to 
address the problem. In a portable and user friendly-machine I now call the Tush Push Powered 
Toilet Lift. 
Unfortunately I didnít get my machine perfected before my grandmother passed away. But she left 
me with a great idea that has helped many people and will continue to help many more.
Barry Phillips
Phillips Lift Systems